Education Modules

Below are links to education modules in powerpoint format that you can download and incorporate into your teaching materials.

The topics covered include:

These education modules are released as CC0 - No rights reserved. You may enhance and reuse for your own purposes. However, we do ask that you provide appropriate citation and attribution to DataONE. We would also be grateful if you would take the opportunity to provide feedback.

Suggested citation:
DataONE Education Module: Data Entry and Manipulation. DataONE. Retrieved Nov12, 2012. From

These modules formed the basis of a 2 day short course held in Santa Barbara, May 2012. Extensive user evaluations were conducted and the results of those surveys can be view as a summary poster or full report.

Authors: Heather Henkel, Viv Hutchison, Carly Strasser, Stacy Rebich Hespanha, Kristin Vanderbilt, Lynda Wayne
Thanks also to Melody Basham, Amber Budden and Michelle Chang for contributions.