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File names should be descriptive and reflect the file content.

Consistent use of standard terminology for categorical data values and metadata descriptors facilitates the understanding, integration, discovery, and use of your data products.

Documentation and metadata associated with a data file should be checked to make sure what is described is actually found in the data file.

Define a data dictionary early in the project to efficiently describe and document your data.

The data model defines how data components are associated with each other; make the simplest, most general model that satisfies concrete requirements and constraints.

A description of how to define parameters.

Description of format for geospatial location.

Description of formats for date and time

Description of processing steps for converting an observation into a derived data product.

How to describe the contents of a data file

Document the overall organization of your dataset or collection, including specimens, schema, etc., to facilitate use of the data during the project and in the future.

Describe the research project that will create the dataset to give context.

Data documentation should include a description of the spatial extent of your data and the spatial resolution of your dataset or collection to facilitate discovery of your data by users interested in the locations of your study.

Describe the temporal extent of your dataset or collection to allow interested users to ascertain your data are useful.Describe the temporal resolution of your data set or collection to allow potential users to ascertain the data quality and whether the resolution is adequate for their needs.

How to describe the units of measurements for each observation

The steps followed to create data should be thoroughly and accurately documented to allow others to evaluate and interpret your results.

Complete taxonomic information for each species should be included in data descriptions

How to prepare virtual datasets for flexible retrieval

Identify the specific content needed to describe your data for management, preservation, and discovery. Use this content to select the relevant metadata standard.

One should be consistent in the types of data included in columns of spreadsheets or data tables.

Provide a dataset citation so that those who have collected, prepared, and archived the data can receive proper credit.

Allow the addition of community tagging, annotation, and comments as input for enhanced discovery of datasets and related content.

Standard, stable identifiers should be given to data products to ensure consistency

Keep descriptions and flags for data separate from values

Fields within a data file should be consistently separated by acceptable delimiters (e.g. commas).

Use consistent coding schemes.

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