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Describe measurement techniques

Best Practice: 

Data measurement descriptions should:

  • Describe data collection methods or protocols(can include diagrams, images, schematics, etc.)
    • How the data were collected
    • Measurement frequency and regularity
  • Describe instrumentation
    • Include manufacturer, model number, dates in use
    • Maintenance/repair history
    • Malfunction history
    • Calibration methods, scale, detection limits, and history
  • Document measurement uncertainty, including accuracy, precision, and reproducibility. Provide values in the context of the measurements, e.g., standard error, standard deviation, confidence limits.
Description Rationale: 

Describe how data were collected in enough detail for others to reproduce the measurements, assess the appropriateness of the measurements, and/or assess comparability of the data with other datasets.

Additional Information: 

R.H.G., J., Ter Braak, C. J., & Van Tongeren, O. F. ( 1995). Data Analysis in Community and Landscape Ecology. Cambridge University Press