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File names should be descriptive and reflect the file content.

When planning your project, define what types of data will be produced and what format these data will take.

Description of format for geospatial location.

Description of formats for date and time

How to describe the contents of a data file

Recommendations for the long-term storage of data and how to document the file formats so that others can readily assess the useability of the data and determine its potential for integration with other datasets

Identify the specific content needed to describe your data for management, preservation, and discovery. Use this content to select the relevant metadata standard.

One should be consistent in the types of data included in columns of spreadsheets or data tables.

Decision about how to manage and archive multimedia (images, video, sound) for access and preservation should be made before data are collected.

Preservation of raw data is critical for data reuse

Keep descriptions and flags for data separate from values

Fields within a data file should be consistently separated by acceptable delimiters (e.g. commas).

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