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Before data collection begins, a backup policy should be in place to help guide data users and identify roles and responsibilities of the users.

Data files and data descriptions should be well-organized, managed, and documented to ensure that files can be located and their contents are understandable.

When planning your project, define what types of data will be produced and what format these data will take.

Identify who is responsible for data management responsibilities early in the data management life cycle to ensure the needed skills and staff are available to implement a data management plan.

The data model defines how data components are associated with each other; make the simplest, most general model that satisfies concrete requirements and constraints.

How to identify data sensitivity and make the appropriate security classification

Identify suitable repositories for the data early to help shape the data management plan so that it fits that repository’s requirements.

Information on what should be included in a Data Management Plan

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Decision about how to manage and archive multimedia (images, video, sound) for access and preservation should be made before data are collected.

Estimate and plan for the budget needed for implementing a data management plan.

Planning for data management is core to the project and should occur at the conceptual stage of the project, and be revisited throughout the project life cycle.

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