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Description of processing steps for converting an observation into a derived data product.

The steps followed to create data should be thoroughly and accurately documented to allow others to evaluate and interpret your results.

Often search terms and query strings are used to discover and capture data sets. By documenting the steps and terms used, one can more easily reproduce a dataset.

Provide a dataset citation so that those who have collected, prepared, and archived the data can receive proper credit.

Standard, stable identifiers should be given to data products to ensure consistency

Provide versions of data products with defined identifiers to enable discovery and use

Items to consider when versioning data products:

All individuals who claim ownership rights to the data should be identified and should receive recognition for their part in the creation of the data.

Understand the geospatial parameters (resolution, reprojection, datum, scale) of spatially-referenced data when integrating geospatial datasets from multiple sources.

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