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Provide identifier for dataset used

Best Practice: 

In order to ensure replicable data access:

  • Choose a broadly utilized Data Identification Standard based on specific user community practices or preferences
    • DOI
    • OIDs
    • ARKs
    • LSIDs
    • XRIs
    • URNs/URIs/URLs
    • UUIDs)
  • Consistently apply the standard
  • Maintain the linkage
  • Participate in implementing infrastructure for consistent access to the resources referenced by the Identifier
Description Rationale: 

Digital objects should utilize a standard, stable identifier to access a specific data product to ensure data consistency among analyses that use the “same” data product.

Additional Information: 

ESIP Federation Preservation and Stewardship Cluster: http://wiki.esipfed.org/index.php/Preservation_and_Stewardship#Data_Iden...