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Before data collection begins, a backup policy should be in place to help guide data users and identify roles and responsibilities of the users.

Recommends kinds of data and analysis products to consider preserving, and factors to use in decision-making.

Recommendations for the long-term storage of data and how to document the file formats so that others can readily assess the useability of the data and determine its potential for integration with other datasets

Good storage media monitoring and management practices will help ensure that access is maintained to both actively used and archived data.

A research project may generate many different datasets, as well as many iterations of the same dataset, requiring decisions about which data have significant long-term value and need to be kept.

Identify suitable repositories for the data early to help shape the data management plan so that it fits that repository’s requirements.

Decision about how to manage and archive multimedia (images, video, sound) for access and preservation should be made before data are collected.

Recommendation and example of data storage and appropriate precision

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