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CyberTracker is a software tool that allows users to collect field data with handheld computers or PDAs. It can also be used to create digital field guides because it allows rich content to be displayed in conjunction with data capture fields.

The CyberTracker Species Identification Filter consists of a sequence of screens each with a checklist of characteristic features of a species. Once data has been filtered it can be Exported to Microsoft Excel, Comma Seperated Values, XML or HTML formats. Creating data elements for each screen automatically creates a structured database. Cybertracker provides some templates.

CyberTracker software can be used on smart phones and handheld computers with GPS to record observations. The design allows users to display icons, text or both, which makes data collection faster. It also allows field data collection by non-literate users and school children. CyberTracker Conservation is a non-profit organization whose vision is to promote the development of a worldwide environmental monitoring network.

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  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CyberTracker
  • Related Tools: DiGir, Tapir
Google Docs

Google Docs provides for web-based creation, editing and management of:

textual documents
Users can upload and download documents in different formats, and Google Docs can be used as a basic migration tool between them. The tool allows collaborative real-time editing by multiple users of the same document. It also allows users to share collections of documents with others. Different permission levels can be assigned to documents, restricting access to individuals, groups, or open to the public.

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Google Public Data Explorer

​Google Public Data Explorer provides an interface for exploring, visualizing and sharing large datasets. Its interactive visualization tools enable changes to be tracked over time. Although primarily intended to enable non-specialists to interrogate public datasets, users can also upload their own data after describing them in Datset Publishing Language (DSPL). The tool is in beta form.

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Minitab 16

Minitab 16 is commercial software for data analysis, graphing, and statistics. It is interactive and menu-driven, and users are guided through the data analysis process according to "assistant" dialog boxes. The software can be used to run basic statistics including parametric regression and analysis of variance, survival analysis, and a limited number of multivariate analysis. Users can also graph data and statistical models, analyze experimental design and do power analysis, and store and manipulate data.

Minitab 16 is marketed to commercial businesses although they also offer unspecified discounts for "qualified academic users."

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OpenOffice Base

OpenOffice Base is an open source desktop relational database application that is part of the OpenOffice suite of productivity tools offered free on the web by Oracle Corporation. OpenOffice Base is SQL compliant and provides a core database platform, a query tools set, report building module, and forms editor. Each major component in OpenOffice Base provides both novice and expert modes (for example, new users can build a database table using a wizard, and advanced users can jump directly to an advanced table editor). OpenOffice Base also includes macro building tools, and the ability to connect to external database servers (including Access, mySQL, PostgresSQL, and other ODBC sources). Base does not allow for multi-user access or database sharing capabilities.

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"Base" is part of the free OpenOffice suite of applications. More information on OpenOffice suite can be found at: http://www.openoffice.org/