TitleBodyTechnical Expertise RequiredCostAdditional Information
Interactive Data Language (IDL)

Interactive Data Language (IDL) is a high-level language for data manipulation, visualization and analysis. IDL has strong signal and image processing capabilities and extensive math and statistical functions. There is extensive web support with hundreds of freely available applications from a large userbase. IDL includes mapping tools and direct access to standard databases. The IDL development environment requires minimal programming skills.

Basic programming skillsCost-basis
  • Provides powerful array manipulation tools
  • Includes an advanced and intuitive development environment
  • Supports connectivity to many databases
  • Provides tools for overlaying geospatial data onto maps

Simulink is an add-on package for MATLAB that supports simulation and model-based design using a graphical block-programming scheme. An interactive graphical editor is provided for building models and simulations based on an extensive library of customizable program blocks and custom code. A Model Explorer application supports inspection and editing of models, signals, parameters and generated code. Simulink provides full access to the MATLAB environment for analyzing and visualizing results, customizing the modeling environment, and defining signal, parameter, and test data.

Basic programming skillsCost-basis
  • Mathworks Simulink overview (http://www.mathworks.com/products/simulink/)
  • Karris, S.T. 2008. Signals and Systems with MATLAB Computing and Simulink Modeling, Fourth Edition. Orchard Publications. 686 pp. (ISBN: 978-1934404119)
  • Carnegie Mellon University Mechanical Engineering Department Simulink tutorials (http://www.me.cmu.edu/ctms/index.html)