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2013 DataONE Users Group Meeting

July 7th - 8th, 2013

Courtyard Marriott Hotel, Chapel Hill, NC
Meeting Agenda

Sunday, July 7th

Session 1: Welcome and Introductions
State of DataONE: Bill Michener, Dave Vieglais, Amber Budden
Presentations (pdf)
Session 2: Member Node Updates
Overview of status and updates from attending Member Nodes
Presentations (pdf)
Sessions 3 & 4: Breakouts (Facilitated Discussion)

Session 5: Poster Session and Reception
Poster pdfs coming soon ..

Monday, July 8th
0730 Breakfast
0830 Session 6: Welcome and summary of previous day; Report from Breakouts.
0910 Break
0930 Session 7: DUG Roundtables
Roundtables to be led by DUG Members.
R1: Data management (Operational): Session notes
R2: Interoperability/Semantics: Session notes
R3: Data Documentation/Preservation: Session notes
1040 Break
1050 Session 8: DUG Roundtables Cont'd
R4: Data Management Planning: Session notes
R5: Outreach / Education: Session notes
R6: Open Access / Data Sharing: Session notes
1200 Lunch
1300 Session 9: Reports from DUG Roundtables
1400 Session 10: DUG Business Meeting
Charter review, Membership and DUG Goals
1500 Break
1520 Session 11: Wrap-up Discussion / Q&A
DUG Chair and Presenters