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Refactoring the EarthGrid SOAP API to REST style and an implementation for Metacat

John Harney
John Harney
Project Description: 

EarthGrid is a lightweight Application Programming Interface (API) for web-based communication with diverse environmental data systems. Until now, it was only supported through the SOAP protocol, which involves a significant overhead for client programmers and suffers from uneven support across programming languages. This project involved refactoring current SOAP-based Earthgrid API to a REST-based architecture. REST exploits the existing technology and protocols of the Web, while decoupling the implementation of a system from its interface. I implemented a prototype within the Metacat data management system to demonstrate the effectiveness of this architecture. The results of this project will serve as a basis for the first Virtual Data Center REST API, which is currently being designed.

Primary Mentor: 
Hilmar Lapp
Secondary Mentor: 
Rutger Vos