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Accessing and Analyzing Environmental Data in the Classroom

Shang Huan
Shang Huan

Ms. Huang is a PhD student at Odum School of Ecology, University of Georgia. Her research uses broad-scale data that are available through public online resources to explore global patterns of biodiversity, including phylogenetically informed analyses of the factors that influence the diversity of mammals and their parasites. She is very excited about being a part of the DataONE summer project, and looks forward to creating a module to teach undergraduate students how to access and analyze environmental/ecological data.

Project Description: 

A graduate student intern will create an educational module for use in undergraduate classrooms – the module will be designed to teach basic principles in ecology or environmental science using data that are publicly available through the DataONE network. The student will work with mentors to choose appropriate data sets, questions and analyses, and create a simple program to access and analyze the data in R. The student will create documentation that accompanies the exercise, potentially in multimedia formats, to train instructors to use the exercise in classrooms.

Primary Mentor: 
Stephanie Hampton
Secondary Mentor: 
Carly Strasser and Amber Budden