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Online Learning Modules Related to Best Practices Throughout the Data Lifecycle

Melody Basham
Melody Basham

Ms. Basham is pursuing her doctorate degree at Arizona State University in Educational Leadership and Innovation. Her current research involves assessing the impact of citizen science as an integrated ESL curriculum with Hispanic immigrant adult learners based in Phoenix Arizona. Her background has largely been in the field of anthropology, archaeology, and the life sciences with work experience in media and the educational publishing field.

Project Description: 

DataONE is developing online learning modules designed to educate DataONE users in various aspects of the data lifecycle. This project involves: 1) researching and acquiring software that can produce high quality online learning; 2) developing online learning modules using pre-prepared power point slides produced by the DataONE Community Engagement and Education Working Group; 3) adding content about data management 4) participating in a workshop hosted by DataONE to refine and add additional content to educational modules (July, 2011).

Primary Mentor: 
Vivian Hutchinson
Secondary Mentor: 
Carly Strasser