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Tracking the Reuse of 1000 Datasets

Jonathan Carlson
Jonathan Carlson

Mr. Carlson is currently pursing a Master of Arts in Library and Information Studies at the University of Wisconsin--Madison. He has a strong interest in the sciences, as evidenced by his Master of Science in Forest Ecology and Management from Michigan Technological University and Bachelor of Arts in Geology and Environmental Studies from Gustavus Adolphus College. On his free time Mr. Carlson enjoys reading, vegetarian cooking, and getting outside to hike and bike.

Project Description: 

We believe that openly archiving raw data facilitates valuable reuse. Can we measure this? What contribution does data reuse make to the published literature? Who reanalyzes data? For what? Does this vary across disciplines and repositories? These questions are the focus of an exploratory study, "Tracking data reuse: Following one thousand datasets from public repositories into the published literature." In this internship you'll work directly with Heather to collect, extract, annotate, and analyze data to explore these important questions. See http://bit.ly/cPsek0 for more info on the project.

Primary Mentor: 
Heather Piwowar
Secondary Mentor: 
Todd Vision