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Data Policies for Public Participation in Scientific Research

Anne Bowser
Anne Bowser

Anne Bowser is a PhD student at the University of Maryland iSchool and Human-Computer Interaction Lab working with the Biotracker research team (www.biotrackers.net). Her research focus involves identifying how the motivational affordances of games can be used to engage volunteers with different citizen science campaigns. Anne is currently collaborating with Project Budburst to design Floracaching, a mobile geocaching game that will help gather plant phenology data. Her work at DataONE involves surveying the data policies of different citizen science campaigns in order to create a practitioner guide to data policy.

Project Description: 

Developing sound policies for using and sharing data in projects that involve the public in scientific research is a complex undertaking. Currently no formal guidelines are available for selecting and implementing data policies that are suited to the needs of citizen science project coordinators.
The initial goal of this project is to develop a curated set of exemplar data policies for delivery through the citizen science project development toolkit on www.citizenscience.org.
A guide to data policies for practitioners will be developed for delivery along with the examples. There is also potential for extending these initial deliverables to include development of an interactive “Data Policy Planning Tool.” There may be additional opportunities for collaboration with PPSR Working Group members on ongoing related research.
The successful candidate will have opportunities to develop extensive understanding of data policies related to scientific data sharing, deep familiarity with the growing phenomenon of citizen science, and practical experience in resource selection and curation. If the candidate is able to work out of Ithaca, NY, s/he will have exceptional access to world leaders in citizen science practice and research.

Primary Mentor: 
Andrea Wiggins
Secondary Mentor: 
Robert Steveson