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Evaluation of Ontology Coverage for Curation

Nicholas DiGiuseppe
Nicholas DiGiuseppe

Nicholas DiGiuseppe is a software engineering PhD student at the University of California, Irvine. His research focuses on automating the debugging process by leveraging natural language. In his free time he enjoys going for walks with his daughter, playing board games with his wife, and Iaijutsu.

Project Description: 

As the use of ontologies in the Earth and Environmental Sciences domain increases, there is a need to evaluate existing ontologies and their quality to provide an amount of curation to the collection. Many criteria have been proposed in the literature for evaluating ontologies and ontologies need to be evaluated along many dimensions. In particular the coverage of the ontologies should be evaluated for relevance to the community. This is particularly important to the DataONE federation, as ontologies and semantic descriptions of domain vocabularies enhance dataset discovery and ensure disambiguation of domain knowledge. We propose developing methods for automatic evaluation using Natural Language Processing methods. The ideal candidate will have a background in Computer Science and be familiar with ontologies or NLP techniques. Expected outcomes include a prototype on the evaluation results or material for publication.

Primary Mentor: 
Line Pouchard
Secondary Mentor: 
Natasha Noy