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Integrating Data Stories into DataONE Education and Community Engagement Products

Sarah Menz
Sarah Menz

Sarah Menz is currently pursuing an MA in Sustainability at Chatham University. With a diverse background in English Literature, Creative Writing, and Business, and Environmental Studies, she is interested in communicating the wonders of our natural environment and the importance of safeguarding it. In addition to reading and writing on a variety of subjects, she enjoys experimenting in the kitchen, biking around Pittsburgh, and snapping photos of backyard wildlife.

Project Description: 

Tensions around sharing scientific data have received international attention in recent years - for example, in 2009’s “climategate” – and the scientific community is actively working toward creating a healthier dialogue around data management and sharing. This project aims to integrate success stories and cautionary tales from researchers related to their experiences with managing and sharing scientific research data into DataONE education and community engagement products. The Data Stories project, which is focused on collecting such stories through structured interviews and/or focus groups, is currently underway. By the beginning of Summer 2013, we expect to have a number of narratives based on these interviews posted online on the DataONE Data Stories blog. The summer intern will assist with preparing and posting any stories that have not yet been posted, but will focus primarily on integrating these narratives into DataONE education products such as the Data Management Education Modules. Intern will assist with publicizing the existence of these new resources to support data management and sharing, provide periodic project updates in the form of research blog posts, and assist with preparation of a manuscript summarizing key findings of the Data Stories project.

Primary Mentor: 
Stephanie Hampton
Secondary Mentor: 
Stacy Rebich-Hespanha