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Developing Screencast Tutorials for DataONE Tools and Resources

Heather Heinz
Heather Heinz

Heather Heinz holds a MSci in Biology from Villanova University with a focus on phylogeography of reptiles. An lifelong science educator, she is known for her enthusiasm and desire to spread curiosity about the natural world to students and the general public alike. When not traveling the world in search of lizards, Heather enjoys a variety of creative pursuits, including photography and writing

Project Description: 

DataONE has developed significant tools and resources of value to the research community. Many of these have documentation associated with them, but none have readily available public demos or screencasts. As part of this project the intern will develop a process for creating screencast tutorials, including identification of appropriate software, workflow process and timeline. Screencasts for a single tool/resource will be broken down into multiple chapters and the intern will also explore appropriate timings for a positive user experience. Draft screencasts will be tested / evaluated by members of the DataONE community and the intern will coordinate this survey / feedback effort, incorporating suggestions into additional development activity. Completed screencasts will be published on the DataONE public website and uploaded to Vimeo / YouTube under a CC-0 license. Potential tools / resources include: ONEMercury (https://cn.dataone.org/onemercury/), ONE-R (http://releases.dataone.org/online/dataone_r/), DataONE Best Practices Database (http://www.dataone.org/best-practices), ONEDrive (not yet released), Ask DataONE (https://ask.dataone.org/questions/). Evaluation of suitability and prioritization of these resources will be one of the first activities of the intern in collaboration with the DataONE community. Note: It is not anticipated that all the above resources will be covered during the period of the internship.

Primary Mentor: 
Amber Budden
Secondary Mentor: 
Carly Strasser