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Integrating Ontology Search and Recommendation into the DataONE Metadata Environment

Yue Liu
Yue Liu

Yue (Robin) Liu is a first year PhD student in Computer Science at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He received his master's degree in Information Technology & Web Science at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and joined the Tetherless World Constellation group (http://tw.rpi.edu/) after graduation. His research interest includes linked data application, scientific/web data analysis and management and machine learning.

Project Description: 

This project aims to make data ingest and annotation easy for a wide range of users. A Semantic Annotator was prototyped last summer to provide a vision of how this would work. That tool provided a predefined set of ontologies including OBO-E, PROV-O and others into which earth and environmental scientists could link their data. It also enabled users to load and use additional ontologies. This functionality required users to be familiar with the specific ontologies they intended to use. However, there are some situations in which users may wish to discover relevant ontologies in the process of creating annotations. Integrating ontology search and recommendation into the Semantic Annotator can help to achieve this goal. The scope of this task includes: (1) enabling Ontology Search (internal or external), integrated with external services such as the search feature of Linked Open Vocabularies, to enable user search based on keywords in order to find appropriate classes, properties, etc. (2) enabling the "individuals" facet, which allows the user to click on a class in order to see instances of the class (3) enabling ontology recommendation based on usage history. If a dataset has the same or similar metadata as a previous dataset, then the previously discovered or used ontologies will be recommended to the current user.

Primary Mentor: 
Deborah McGuinness
Secondary Mentor: 
Xixi Luo