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Evaluating the impact of data access: The role of metrics

Mark Anthony Freeman
Mark Anthony Freeman

Mark has just finished a Masters in Information Science from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. He studied Economics and Accounting a long, long time ago in Lancaster, England and started his career in teaching, before moving into software and web technologies.

Project Description: 

DataONE has a unique mission - it creates a foundation for supporting existing science and for enabling new science. Normal evaluation metrics provide a means for measuring this foundation. However, to our knowledge, there are no agreed upon metrics for identifying how the access to data has created new interconnections or for predicting the potential for new types of science that may only now be emerging and as of yet have potential that is unrealized. Nevertheless, embarking upon the development of both quantitative and qualitative indicators can and should lead to useful metrics that will prove of value to DataONE, other DataNets, and the broader community.
The student will conduct a comprehensive literature review of how impact is currently defined and evaluated, followed by an environmental scan to determine what metrics currently exist for measuring the interconnections leading to new science by data infrastructures. A comprehensive review of related projects, their associated metrics, and outcomes is critical in identifying these potential new metrics. Based on these scans and in consultation with the mentors, the student will then suggest potential new metrics and their associated methodologies that could be adopted by DataONE.

Primary Mentor: 
Suzie Allard
Secondary Mentor: 
Mike Frame