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Developing a Survey Instrument for Evaluation of Teaching Materials

Sophie Hou

Chung-Yi (Sophie) Hou recently graduated from the Master of Science in Library and Information Science program with the specialization in Data Curation from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Since 2014, Sophie has been working on DataONE's activities relating to semantics as well as collaborating with the Research Data Archive and the Library at the National Center for Atmospheric Research on several data management/curation projects. Sophie's previous Bachelor and Master of Science degrees and professional work experience were in the field of electrical engineering. Outside of work and research, Sophie tries to make time for good reads, walks, and cups of tea.

Project Description: 

Education and outreach focused on topics such as: data management, data sharing, and writing quality metadata for reuse are of vital importance to DataONE users, and to the broader scientific, research, and academic communities. Responsive educational design that remains sensitive to community needs is dependent on evaluation, assessment, and thoughtful development of new resources. This project would be centered around the development of a survey instrument for site-wide evaluation of DataONE teaching materials and resources (modules and screencasts). Building the evaluation instrument, constructing an workflow for deployment, and compiling considerations for putting together future educational resources are all outcomes of this project.

For this project, the summer intern will work closely with the Director of Community Outreach and the CEO Postdoc to create an evaluation tool for current DataONE resources and teaching materials. This project would involve three parts: 1) a literature review that looks at the best practices for soliciting and receiving user feedback on teaching and educational resources, and places this in context with the development of new outreach decisions; 2) the development of an assessment tool for evaluating current educational resources; and 3) identification of target audiences and recommendations for deployment of the tool. Additionally, it is anticipated that this tool will be shared with the larger data management community.

Primary Mentor: 
Heather Soyka
Secondary Mentor: 
Viv Hutchison, Amber Budden