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Exploring the Impact of DataONE: Data Publication and Access Metrics

Erika Petroy

After graduating this spring from USC, Erika will be pursuing a Master's in Environmental Science and Management this fall at the Bren School at the UC-SB. Her interests include using big data and analytics to tackle environmental problems especially environmental justice issues. A self-described tea-lover, in her spare time, Erika enjoys exploring National Parks and listening to NPR.

Project Description: 

The initial DataONE infrastructure was released in 2012 with the goal of enabling new science and knowledge creation through universal access to data about life on earth and the environment that sustains it. By federating across data repositories, or Member Nodes, DataONE aims to enhance search and discovery of data. This internship will explore the extent to which DataONE has contributed to increased data sharing and reuse of data held within existing data repositories.
As part of a larger project exploring practices and perceptions of researchers around data sharing and reuse, this intern will first conduct a literature review that looks at research communities, data sharing, and the impact of the decision to make research data available for reuse. This literature review will inform the direction of the other two phases, taking into account publications about DataONE, and will be outlined and discussed in greater detail at the start of the internship.
Second, the internship will employ statistical methods and use quantitative data to explore the effects of participation in the DataONE federation. Regression analyses will be conducted on pre- and post- DataONE metrics on data uploads and downloads.

Primary Mentor: 
Amber Budden, Heather Soyka
Secondary Mentor: 
Mark Schildhauer, Dave Vieglais