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Supporting Synthesis Science with DataONE

Rob Crystal-Ornelas

Rob Crystal-Ornelas is a 4th year PhD candidate in Ecology and Evolution at Rutgers University. He is also a visiting graduate researcher at the UC Davis Bodega Marine Lab. Rob uses meta-analysis and systematic review to explore research biases in invasion ecology. In his free time, Rob hosts a podcast called Science in Progress (https://scienceinprogress.netlify.com/), makes art, and enjoys running.

Project Description: 

Obtaining metrics on the usage of DataONE for development of published research is challenging. Products of synthesis research appropriately cite the data objects and the repository in which they are hosted, but not the method through which they discovered the data.

This project will conduct a systematic review of published Earth and environmental science material that are synthesis papers. From this set of papers, we will identify the cohort of data used, the data repository in which it is located and explore if those data are currently exposed within DataONE. This will enable us to demonstrate the percentage of synthesis papers that could have been completed using data currently found in DataONE and also identify additional data repositories that DataONE might seek to include as part of the network.

Primary Mentor: 
Megan Mach
Secondary Mentor: 
Amber Budden