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Benefits of becoming a Member Node

A Member Node is any preservation-oriented repository that exposes its data products through the DataONE service specification, or Member Node API. DataONE's flexible architecture and software products allow practically any organization wishing to maintain a Member Node repository to do so.

In becoming a Member Node your organization benefits by:

Reaching a Wider Audience

Data collections exposed through the DataONE API are discoverable by a wider audience, and ready-for-use by a wider number of analytical tools.

Leveraging Existing Cyberinfrastructure

Through the Investigator Toolkit approach, DataONE actively supports both existing data tools as well as new tools to be built to interact with DataONE-registered data objects.

Receiving Recognition and Credit

Your published data products are easily citable, and by with a wider exposure, you increase the value of your organization's work by receiving credit through data citations in published literature.

Maintaining High Availability

DataONE has the ability to replicate a Member Node's collection to other DataONE Nodes in a highly customizable way. With replicas available in other locations, the costs associated with serving a world-wide community is minimized, and availability is optimized.

Enhancing Collaboration Opportunities

Scientists discovering your work can also lead to opportunities for collaboration in the future. By simply limiting access to project data to collaboration partners, DataONE members can share project data without the need for case-by-case data-sharing arrangements.