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DataONE Welcomes the Organization for Tropical Studies NeoTropical Data Center to the Network

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The Organization for Tropical Studies NeoTropical Data Center (OTS-NDC) is a major generator of data on tropical and subtropical ecosystems. By participating in the DataONE network, OTS-NDC now exposes more than 600,000 records of meteorological data to the broader DataONE community, contributing to a total of 38TB of data available through DataONE across 42 member nodes. OTS works to encourage researchers to share important resources, including long-term and new data sets. Over 300 scientists and graduate students from 25 countries have conducted research at the organization’s four research stations (three in Costa Rica and one in South Africa), resulting in over 5,000 scientific publications, books, and book chapters over the 50–year trajectory of the organization. OTS-NDC is supporting the development of some of the longest-running datasets in the tropics and we are delighted to support discovery of these data through DataONE.

Research at the Organization for Tropical Studies (OTS) stations has added significantly to the study of tropical ecosystems. The OTS-NDC is promoting public access to datasets that include seminal work from the last 50 years in tropical forest ecology and conservation, including related data on climate and systematics. The OTS-NDC accepts any type of research data generated at OTS Research Stations in Costa Rica, as well as related data from throughout the Neotropics. This includes ecological, biodiversity, evolutionary, meteorological, remotely sensed, and other related environmental data in text, tabular, raster, and vector formats. It also includes all data from the OTS biophysical monitoring system. As these datasets are transformed into scientific knowledge, they play a critical role informing important decisions that impact the future of tropical ecosystems.

DataONE is excited to help make OTS-NDC growing collection of datasets even more widely available. We extend a warm welcome to the Organization for Tropical Studies!

About DataONE: DataONE enables universal access to data and also facilitates researchers in fulfilling their need for data management and in providing secure and permanent access to their data. DataONE offers the scientific community a suite of tools and training materials that cover all aspects of the data life cycle from data collection, to management, analysis and publication.

About OTS: The Organization for Tropical Studies (OTS) is a consortium of nearly sixty top universities, colleges and research institutions worldwide. OTS’ leadership in research and education in tropical systems has been acknowledged through numerous distinctions and awards. Continuing this legacy, OTS recently adopted a purpose to further focus its mission: OTS aims to sustain our tropical ecosystems, by driving scientific discovery and knowledge, by enriching human perception of nature and by enhancing worldwide policy actions in the tropics.