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New Dashboard Provides Real Time Information on DataONE Exposed Content

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Enhanced exposure for DataONE Member Nodes provides users with real time information on current data holdings within the DataONE network of repositories.

Released this month, the new ‘Member Node Dashboard’ shows the volume and number of data and metadata files discoverable through the DataONE network, in addition to charting file uploads across time. Additionally, a table of current, upcoming and replication nodes enables users to access individual Member Node statistics pages to explore the data metrics, including information on when newest content was added.

“The new Member Node dashboard [creates] an informative and visually appealing space for Member Nodes” says Inna Kouper of the SEAD Virtual Archive, a DataONE Member Node. “The chart provides an overview of content availability and the tables give a quick overview of nodes with links to their pages. It's quite impressive [..] the growth of data and nodes is obvious” adds Kouper.

This newly designed interface provides users a rapid snapshot of the content within DataONE and showcases the holdings of our Member Node partners.

For more information on partnering with DataONE as a Member Node see: http://www.dataone.org/member-node-deployment-process