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New Education Resources

Monday, September 8, 2014

Need help using a DataONE tool? Don’t want to read through pages of documentation? Want a quick visual tutorial?

Starting with ONEMercury, DataONE has launched a new set of educational resources: Screencast Tutorials. These tutorials break down the fundamental components of working with a DataONE tool into a series of steps highlighted in video screencasts. The tutorials are designed to enable users get the guidance they need for a specific task or query and are conveniently listed as a set on our tutorials page.

The ONEMercury tutorials are the product of a 2014 DataONE summer internship project conducted by Heather Heinz. With 11 tutorials covering basic search, fielded search, downloading data and working with bibliographic software (among others), the ONEMercury tutorials represent the first step in a new program of enhanced online learning that DataONE will be introducing over the next year.

Want to provide feedback? We are happy to receive suggestions for these and other tool screencasts via our contact form.