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A 3-day NSF-funded Informatics Education Planning Workshop was held in Santa Fe, New Mexico June 28-30, 2010. The project was supported through the NSF INTEROP project and the results informed the new NSF DataNet projects, especially DataONE, which focuses on the biological, ecological, and environmental sciences. Two of the activities from this workshop were a Best Practices database that describes to scientists and students how best to perform a certain data or information management function such as naming a file, label columns in a spreadsheet, etc. and a “Tools” database. The Tools database includes a brief description of a particular tool that is recommended for use by scientists and students. Credits

The goals for these two databases are:

A place where the data can be collected, managed, and updated by appropriate individuals.
Ensure that the collected data can be reused to some degree and potentially presented in multiple different ways
Best practices and Tools need to be searchable
Defined fields and tags that make sense
Cross-referential Best Practices