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GenePattern is a genomic analysis platform that provides access to more than 150 tools for gene expression analysis, proteomics, SNP analysis, flow cytometry, RNA-seq analysis, and common data processing tasks. A web-based interface provides access to these tools and allows the creation of multi-step analysis pipelines that enable reproducible in silico research.

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Microsoft Access is a desktop database package that includes a relational database engine, database query tools, a report building module, and a forms builder. For intermediate and advanced users it also includes the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications platform and an IDE (Integrated Development Environment). Microsoft Access can serve as standalone database tool, or it can be connected to other database server platforms and be used as a database server client.

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The Polar Information Commons (PIC) Rights Badging Tool allows you to use the Creative Commons tools to create a graphic badge. This badge asserts that digital content is available in the Polar Information Commons (PIC) with minimal restrictions and in adherence with community guidelines or norms of behavior for ethical data sharing. Once created, a badge may be placed on a website describing your data set or within the use constraints field of its metadata.

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RAMADDA is a web-based application framework that provides a broad suite of services for content and data management, publishing and collaboration. RAMADDA brings together a number of concepts and technologies to provide an easy to use but powerful system for publishing, organizing, discovering. and accessing data and other holdings.
RAMADDA Is a freely available web application that runs on your own server. Java is necessary for operation.

UCINET is a comprehensive package for the analysis of social network data as well as other 1-mode and 2-mode data. Social network analysis methods include centrality measures, subgroup identification, role analysis, elementary graph theory, and permutation-based statistical analysis. In addition, the package has strong matrix analysis routines, such as matrix algebra and multivariate statistics.

Integrated with UCINET is the NetDraw program for drawing diagrams of social networks.

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