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CatMDEdit is a metadata editor tool that facilitates the documentation of resources, focusing on the description of geographic information resources. The metadata conforms to Dublin Core and ISO 19115 (Geographic Information) standards. Automatic metadata generation for some common geospatial data file formats including Shapefile, DGN, ECW, FICC, GeoTiff, GIF/GFW, JPG/JGW, and PNG/PGW. CatMDEdit allows the automatic creation of metadata for collections of related resources, in particular spatial series that arise as a result of the fragmentation of geometric resources into datasets of manageable size and similar scale.

There are Spanish, English, French, Polish, Portuguese and Czech versions. CatMDEdit is an initiative of the National Geographic Institute of Spain (IGN), which is the result of a scientific and technical collaboration between IGN and the Advanced Information Systems Group (IAAA) of the University of Zaragoza with the technical support of GeoSpatiumLab (GSL).

Technical Expertise Required: 
No programming
Windows; UNIX