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ESRI Geoportal Server

ESRI Geoportal Server is a free open source product that enables discovery and use of geospatial resources including datasets, rasters, and Web services. It can help organizations manage and publish metadata for their geospatial resources and provides access to users. The Geoportal Server supports standards-based clearinghouse and metadata discovery applications. There are four key features: cataloging, geoportal administration, data publishing, and data discovery.

The geoportal host environment requires an operating system, a database, a full Java JDK, a web application server, and access to ArcGIS Server services (ArcGIS Server map, locator, and geometry services for the geoportal search map and place finder). The geoportal connects to an organization's LDAP structure, and thus needs access to a directory server.

ESRI Geoportal Server is a free, open source product that is available for download at http://sourceforge.net/projects/geoportal/. It is a stand-alone product that does not require ArcGIS Server or an ArcGIS Server license. It has been released under the Apache 2.0 open source license.

Technical Expertise Required: 
Redhat Linux, Windows
ESRI Geoportal Server