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Esri2EML and BDP2EML

Esri2EML and BDP2EML are very closely related programs for translating metadata from ESRI or FGDC and from Biological Data Profile (BDP) to Ecological Metadata Language (EML), version 2.0.1. Generally, these kinds of programs are called "crosswalks".

The Esri2EML XSLT stylesheet will allow you to create an Ecological Metadata Language(EML) document out of an FGCD XML file generated by ESRI ArcGIS products. Note that there is a document explaining how to converting ArcGIS v10.0 Metadata to EML, since ESRI changed their XML metadata structure at Version 10 of ArcGIS.

Biological Data Profile <-> Ecological Metadata Language Crosswalk:
BDP is an extension of FGCD that addresses certain biological features, such as taxonomy. Stylesheets which translate XML both ways: EML->BDP and BDP->EML. BDP is used by NBII.

The content standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata and Biological Data Profile can be found here: http://www.fgdc.gov/standards/projects/FGDC-standards-projects/metadata/...

The Esri2EML stylesheet: http://intranet.lternet.edu/im/project/Esri2Eml/docs

The BDP<->EML stylesheets:

Both sets of stylesheets are part of the EML code in the Ecoinformatics repository:

Technical Expertise Required: 
Basic programming skills
Additional Information: 

1. You may need to review and complete your EML document manually when using the Esri2EML stylesheet. The BDP2EML style sheet can also be used for FGDC-complaint metadata XML documents.
2. The most recent version of EML, (v 2.1.0) is not yet supported by this stylesheet. Users should be aware that there are validation issues with EML 2.0. The basic changes between EML 2.0 and EML 2.1 are very small; see the EML website for more information (below).

Information on the Ecological Metadata Language (EML)can be found here: http://knb.ecoinformatics.org/software/eml/

Any platform with an XSL Transformer