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EZID allows users to create and manage unique, persistent identifiers. EZID is a service from the University of California Curation Center (UC3) at the California Digital Library that makes it simple for digital object producers (researchers and others) to obtain and manage long-term identifiers for their digital content. You can assign identifiers to anything: scientific datasets, technical reports, audio files, digital photographs, and non-digital objects as well.

Using the EZID service users can do the following:

  • Create identifiers for any kind of entity including physical, digital (images, data, text, etc.), abstracts, etc. For identifiers of objects on the web, use EZID to maintain their current locations so that people who click on the identifiers are correctly forwarded.
  • Store citation metadata with identifiers to aid in interpreting and maintaining them. Several citation formats are possible.

EZID supports a number of persistent identifier technologies. Currently supported technologies include ARKs (Archival Resource Keys) and DOIs (Digital Object Identifiers), and other persistent identifier schemes will be added. Users can use the EZID service either through a user-interface or through an API.

Technical Expertise Required: 
No programming
web-based user interface or application programming interfac