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Forest Sector Carbon Calculator

The Forest Sector Carbon Calculator is a tool to help users learn about how carbon stores in the forest change over time.

The Forest Sector Carbon Calculator integrates a number of kinds of software to gather information from users, process, and then output results. The foundation for the Calculator is a model called LANDCARB that is designed to simulate the dynamics of living and dead pools of carbon in forest stands and landscapes. It also includes a submodel that estimates how harvested carbon is manufactured into forest products, as well as how these are used, and disposed.

This web interface allows users to control scenarios by selecting different regions, integrating past histories of disturbance and management, and choosing alternative futures. Calculations can be done for a single stand or for an entire landscape. Reports and time trend graphs on stores in the forest, in wood products (including bioenergy), and disposal can be generated.

Technical Expertise Required: 
No programming
web based, can download to run on PC
Forest Sector Carbon Calculator