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GBIF IPT (Integrated Publishing Toolkit)

The Integrated Publishing Toolkit (IPT) is a free open source software tool written in Java that is used to publish and share biodiversity datasets through the GBIF network. The IPT can also be configured with either a DataCite or EZID account in order to assign DOIs to datasets transforming it into a data repository. IPT is aimed at users, coders and translators.

If you're only interested in trying out the IPT please request an account on the Demo IPT by sending an email to helpdesk@gbif.org.
The simplest way to begin using the IPT is to request a free account on a trusted data hosting centre allowing you to manage your own datasets and publish them through GBIF.org without the hassle of setting up and maintaining the IPT on your own server.
Otherwise if want to setup your own instance of the IPT the Getting Started Guide is your entry point.

Technical Expertise Required: 
No programming
Additional Information: