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Google Sites

Google Sites is a software technology created by Google that enables you to quickly create a collaborative website. Multiple people can work together on a Google Site to add file attachments and new, free-form pages and content. Google Sites uses an editor for creating content that is very much like editing a document. Creators of a Google Site have control over who has access (via Google accounts), or a Google Site can be published so that it is accessible to the public.

Google Sites are hosted by Google, so you do not need a server or specific information technology (IT) expertise. You do not need to know how to code HTML, but there is still a lot of flexibility for you to control the look, feel, and content of your site. Other supported features include uploading files and attachments. Google Sites is also integrated with other Google products, so you can insert videos from YouTube, documents, spreadsheets, and presentations from Google docs, images from Picasa, and calendars from Google Calendar. You can also search across Google Sites pages and content using Google search.

Technical Expertise Required: 
No programming
Cross Platform