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HUBzero is an open source platform that allows the creation of active web sites that support scientific collaboration and educational activities. It supports creating a group and inviting other users to join it, and delegating various group management roles. Researchers can upload files, tools, presentations, data, etc. It provides wiki and blog services. It supports social networking features such as content tagging, ratings. comments, citations, etc. It has news and event calendaring features. Software tools can be enabled to run interactively within the web browser. Many tools with a graphical user interface can be uploaded, installed and deployed with a small amount of work. And tools without a graphical interface can be adapted by using HUBzero's associated Rapture toolkit. HUBzero also can provide a variety of usage metrics.

Technical Expertise Required: 
No programming

Nanotechnology: http://nanohub.org/
Energy from biomass: http://c3bio.org/
Collaborative volcano research: http://VHub.org/
Research & collaboration on the field of ethics: http://www.ethicshare.org/

Windows, Mac, Linux
Hub Zero