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HydroDesktop is a free and open source desktop application developed in C# .NET that serves as a client for CUAHSI HIS WaterOneFlow web services data and includes data discovery, download, visualization, editing, and integration with other analysis and modeling tools.

HydroDesktop is intended to solve the problem of how to obtain, organize, and manage hydrologic data on a user’s computer to support analysis and modeling. HydroDesktop is a platform for the integration of hydrologic data, which can be used in analysis applications such as R, MATLAB, and Excel, or in custom code developed by the end user. The HydroDesktop design paradigm includes the use of a plug-in architecture and data abstraction layer that will allow extension of the core functionality. HydroDesktop provides local access to data obtained from distributed data services that are part of the Internet-based, SOA that the CUAHSI HIS project has developed for the sharing of hydrologic data.

HydroDesktop is designed to be useful for a number of different groups of users with a wide variety of needs and skill levels including: university faculty, graduate and undergraduate students, K-12 students, engineering and scientific consultants, and others. HydroDesktop is for users primarily interested in discovering and retrieving observational data from the HIS system for use within HydroDeskop itself, or in other analytical and modeling applications installed on their local computer.

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