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MySQL Workbench

MySQL Workbench is an open source, visual based tool for MySQL database design, creation and administration. It is separate from, but connects to MySQL, which is database software built on a version of Structured Query Language or SQL (see MySQL tool description in the DataONEpedia).

SQL Development
Create and manage connections to database servers.
Enables the user to configure connection parameters.
Capability to execute SQL queries on the database connections using the built-in SQL Editor.
Data Modeling
Enables you to create models of your database schema graphically.
Forward engineer, or turn diagrams into MySQL databases.
Reverse engineer, or download existing MySQL databases and represent them as diagrams.
Edit Tables, Columns, Indexes, Triggers, Partitioning, Options, Inserts and Privileges, Routines and Views.
Database Administration
Enables you to create and administer server instances.
Manage users and user permissions.
Technical Expertise Required: 
Basic programming skills
Windows, Linux and Macintosh