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Project Trident

Project Trident is a scientific workflow workbench that allows users to author workflows visually by using a catalog of existing activities and complete workflows. The workflow workbench provides a tiered library that hides the complexity of different workflow activities and services for ease of use. Trident supports: analysis and visualization worksflows; composing, running, cataloging experiments as workflows, as well as capturing of provenance information. Workflows can be scheduled over high performance clusters or cloud computimg resources.

Technical Expertise Required: 
No programming
Additional Information: 
  • Yogesh Simmhan, Roger Barga, Catharine van Ingen, Ed Lazowska, Alex Szalay, "Building the Trident Scientific Workflow Workbench for Data Management in the Cloud," advcomp, pp.41-50, 2009 Third International Conference on Advanced Engineering Computing and Applications in Sciences, 2009
  • Roger Barga, Jared Jackson, Nelson Araujo, Dean Guo, Nitin Gautam, Yogesh Simmhan, "The Trident Scientific Workflow Workbench," escience, pp.317-318, 2008 Fourth IEEE International Conference on eScience, 2008
Project Trident