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Archon is an open source, Web-based archive management system for archivists and manuscript curators that automatically publishes archival descriptive information and digital archival objects.

Archon users do not need to encode a finding aid, input a catalog record, or program a stylesheet. Archon operates through scripts that automatically make data elements in the system searchable and browsable on a repository website. Information can be input or edited using simple web forms. Archon automatically uploads the information, publishes the website, and generates EAD and MARC records.

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Archivists' Toolkit

The Archivists' Toolkit is an open-source data management system that provides support for the management of archives. This tool is aimed at archival repositories that store various kinds of data, especially text and image data. The tool supports accessioning and describing archival materials, establishing names and subjects associated with archives, managing locations of the materials, and exporting EAD finding aids, MARCXML records, and METS, MODS and Dublin Core records.

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Archivematica is a comprehensive digital preservation system. Archivematica uses a micro-services design pattern to provide an integrated suite of tools that allows users to process digital objects from ingest to access in compliance with the ISO-OAIS functional model.

Users monitor and control the micro-services via a web-based dashboard. Archivematica uses a range of best practices and metadata standards. Archivematica implements media type preservation plans based on an analysis of the significant characteristics of file formats.

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ArcGIS Desktop

ArcGIS Desktop is a collection of software products for building complete geographic information systems (GIS). produced by Esri. ArcGIS Desktop 9 provides an integrated GIS, combining object-oriented and traditional file-based data models with a set of tools to create and work with geographic data. The following three applications comprise the ArcGIS Desktop software suite:

  • ArcMap (mapping and data manipulation): ArcMap is a map-authoring application
  • ArcCatalog (data management): shared ArcGIS application that allows you to organize and access all GIS information (e.g., maps, globes, datasets, models, metadata, and services). Includes tools for browsing and finding geographic information; recording, viewing, and managing metadata; viewing datasets; and defining the schema structure of the object-based geographic datasets.
  • ArcToolbox (data conversion, modeling, and spatial analysis): includes tools to do geographic feature overlay, feature selection and analysis, topology processing, and data conversion resulting in an output dataset. The geoprocessing framework allows you to use each geoprocessing function in a variety of ways. The tools can be used directly from a dialog, executed via command line, combined with other processes in visual models using Model Builder, or used in advanced scripts.
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ArcCatalog is a geobase administration application within ESRI's ArcGIS suite whose primary role is to maintain geospatial data and the corresponding metadata. ArcCatalog provides an integrated and unified view of all the data files, databases, and ArcGIS documents, integrating information that exists in many forms, including relational databases, files, ArcGIS documents, and remote GIS web services. In ArcGIS 10, ArcCatalog is folded into ArcMap - the mapping and analysis application. Users have several choices of how metadata is displayed and metadata editing is easily performed as the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) metadata requirements are enforced in the application. Metadata is stored in an XML file that 'stays' with the geospatial dataset. ArcCatalog also allows users to connect to other geospatial data servers, create address locators, and create connections to other databases (ODBC) and spatial databases (SDE).

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Apache Velocity

Velocity is a Java-based template engine. Its template language references objects defined in Java code. When Velocity is used for web development, Web designers can work in parallel with Java programmers to develop web sites.

Velocity has broader uses, such as generation of SQL, PostScript and XML from templates. It can be used either as a standalone utility for generating source code and reports, or as an integrated component of other systems.

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"Amber" refers to two things: a set of molecular mechanical force fields for the simulation of biomolecules (Amber) and a package of molecular simulation programs which includes source code and demos (AmberTools).

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Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is a comprehensive photo editing tool produced by Adobe Systems. Users can manipulate photos, graphics, and other raster images using a variety of tools and predefined filters. Photoshop also allows users to record specific photo editing steps, which allows for automated batch processing. Photoshop is available as a stand-alone product, but is also part of Adobe's "Creative Suite" family of products. Photoshop Extended is an enhancement to Photoshop, and provides for enhanced 3D creation and editing.

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Adobe Illustrator

Professional standard software for creating original vector-based graphics. Includes powerful drawing tools and brushes.

The ai file format is a common vector format for exchange and its feature set allows creation of complex vector artwork. Illustrator imports over two dozen formats (including PDF and SVG). Of particular use to data visualization is importation of SVG, or scalar vector graphics, which is an W3C recommendation, and is often exported from other programs.

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There are many extensions and plug-ins available for customizing this software, including those at the following link: http://www.adobe.com/products/illustrator/extend.html

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3D World Studio

3D World Studio is a modeling program useful for visualizing real world data utilizing tools developed within computer gaming environments. The program allows you to create buildings and terrain and export your visualization into a variety of formats.

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Standard license is $49.95
Requirement: OpenGL capable graphics card, 500 mb RAM, 20 mb free hard drive space

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