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Stata 11 is software for data management, statistics, and graphics. Stata uses point-and-click interaction and help to guide users through tasks. Logs can be created and stored as repeatable scripts, so that data management and analysis are completely documented. Users can perform statistical analyses ranging from basic statistical summaries and linear regression models to multilevel mixed-effects modeling, generalized linear modeling, resampling and simulation, and many multivariate analyses. A graph editor allows users to produce figures based on the data and statistical models. Stata also includes a custom programming language (Mata) for programming customizations. At this time, Stata 11 is the latest version.

Stata comes in four different application "packages" which vary based on size of dataset and processing need. A "Small Stata" is available only to educational purchasers including students, with a limited number of variables and observations permitted in the dataset.

Many local as well as national users groups for Stata exist and hold regular meetings in addition to creating online support communities.

Technical Expertise Required: 
No programming
Windows, Mac, and Unix (including Linux)