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HUBzero is an open source platform that allows the creation of active web sites that support scientific collaboration and educational activities. It supports creating a group and inviting other users to join it, and delegating various group management roles. Researchers can upload files, tools, presentations, data, etc. It provides wiki and blog services. It supports social networking features such as content tagging, ratings. comments, citations, etc.

Hydrant is a web-based scientific workflow application that is designed to interact with the open source scientific workflow tool Kepler, enabling efficient, user-friendly scientific workflow processing. Hydrant allows scientists to: discover, view and load Kepler workflows; view and edit properties of Kepler Actors; execute workflows; and share workflows and results.

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Kepler is a scientific workflow application that enables scientists, engineers, analysts, and computer programmers to create, execute, and share models and analyses. Kepler is a java-based application that can operate on data stored in a variety of formats, locally and over the internet, and is an effective environment for integrating disparate software components, such as merging "R" scripts with compiled "C" code, or facilitating remote, distributed execution of models.

National Instruments LabVIEW is a sophisticated application for the creation and management of engineering and scientific measurement, test, data collection and control systems. LabVIEW includes a graphical user interface that allows external hardware devices such as mechanical or electronic sensors to be configured and operated using "point-and-click" methods. Networks of sensors and processing devices can be joined together using flowchart-like "wire" connectors.

Project Trident is a scientific workflow workbench that allows users to author workflows visually by using a catalog of existing activities and complete workflows. The workflow workbench provides a tiered library that hides the complexity of different workflow activities and services for ease of use. Trident supports: analysis and visualization worksflows; composing, running, cataloging experiments as workflows, as well as capturing of provenance information.

Taverna is an open source family of tools for designing and executing workflows, created by the myGrid project. Written in Java, the family consists of the Taverna Engine (the workhorse), and the Taverna Workbench (desktop client) and Taverna Server (remote workflow execution server) that sit on top of the Engine.

Triana is an open source problem solving environment that combines an intuitive visual interface with powerful data analysis tools. It can be used for a range of tasks, such as signal, text and image processing, and Triana includes a large library of pre-written analysis tools and the ability for users to integrate their own tools. Recently a custom writer was attached to the Triana GUI allowing Triana to generate Pegasus/Condor input files for the GriPhyN project.

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