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remote sensing

Data Turbine (DT) is middleware for streaming sensor data based at environmental observatories. It provides reliable data transport for a wide range of sensors and a comprehensive suite of services for data management, and real time data visualization. It manages data sources and data sinks, data routing, scheduling, and security.

ENVI is software for processing and analyzing geospatial imagery. ENVI handles hyperspectral, LiDAR, and other remotely sensed data sets easily with both wizard based approaches and allowing users to program operations. The main benefit of using ENVI is for the analysis and visualization of spectral and hyperpsectral data. Currently, ENVI is developing comprehensive GIS tools to integrate within the ESRI software family.

Erdas Imagine is an image processing software package that allows users to process both geospatial and other imagery as well as vector data. Erdas can also handle hyperspectral imagery and LiDAR from various sensors. Erdas also offers a 3D viewing module (VirtualGIS) and a vector module for modeling. The native programming language is EML (Erdas Macro Language).

Fusion is a LiDAR viewing and analysis software tool developed by the Silviculture and Forest Models Team, Research Branch of the US Forest Service. Fusion also works with IFSAR and terrain data sets. LIDAR uses a laser sensor comprised of a transmitter and receiver, a geodetic-quality Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver and an Inertial Navigation System (INS) unit. The laser sensor is mounted to the underside of an aircraft.

Integrated Data Viewer (IDV) is a Java-based software framework for analyzing and visualizing geoscience data. IDV includes a software library and a reference application made from that software.

National Instruments LabVIEW is a sophisticated application for the creation and management of engineering and scientific measurement, test, data collection and control systems. LabVIEW includes a graphical user interface that allows external hardware devices such as mechanical or electronic sensors to be configured and operated using "point-and-click" methods. Networks of sensors and processing devices can be joined together using flowchart-like "wire" connectors.

TMI-Orion is a manufacturer of data sensors and data loggers. They have custom software called QLEVER to configure, test, record data and perform basic statistics on the data streams resulting from the sensors. The software can manage the sensors (in some cases remotely), and evaluate sensor battery life and technical performance.

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