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Upcoming Webinar

Tuesday December 10th
9 am Pacific / 10 am Mountain / 11am Central / 12 noon Eastern

Webinar Abstract

Data management is a fundamental skill to any researcher, but implementing data management practices is often reserved for when data get "big" or "complex." In reality, all data can benefit from good management and organization practices, regardless of the size or complexity of the data. This webinar introduces the concept of relational data modeling and how it can be used as a principle for organizing data, even without a database management system. Using a relational data model creates a “tidy” data structure, which makes data easier to search, filter, document, and analyze.

DWS Jeanette Clark
Jeanette Clark is a Projects Data Coordinator at the national Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis, UCSB. Jeanette provides support in data management and data processing to the synthesis working groups, supports data submission and curation activities for NCEAS based data repositories and provides training to participants in NCEAS short courses and workshops. Jeanette was first introduced to data processing and data analysis through her academic background in physical oceanography and enjoys using open data techniques to facilitate synthesis science among researchers who are asking questions that will inform environmental policy making.