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Bring the products of your research together in one centralized location for efficient sharing, access, and reuse.
Introducing DataONE Hosted Repos

Focus on your research, leave your data infrastructure to us

Let the experts behind DataONE manage and preserve your data, software, and derived products with our robust software and hardware. Accelerate research activity, foster new collaborations, and build community with a repository that meets your needs and reflects your brand.

Private & public access

Control access to your datasets prior to publication with collaborative groups or just keep it private

Usage metrics

Understand how your data are being used over time with view, download, and citation metrics

Scalable storage

Grow your 1 TB repository capacity based on your storage needs in 1 TB increments

Geographic replicas

Your data are replicated to distinct geographic regions for high availability and preservation.

Preservation - All data and metadata are replicated to two geographically independent data centers in California and Tennessee

Customization - Brand your data repository with customized features allowing you to connect directly with your community.

Geographic replicas


Brand your data repository with customized features allowing you to connect directly with your community.

Custom DOI prefix - A DOI prefix is configured exclusively for your datasets, products, and code

Custom domain name - Your repository is available at a domain of your choice, but hosted by DataONE

Custom Domain and DOI
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Get a complete assessment of your data & metadata

With access to information about the datasets in your repository, you can monitor how your data is being used and assess its quality based on community established scores.

Make your data FAIR

Access aggregate & individual FAIR metadata assessment scores. Improve data discovery, accessibility, interoperability, and reusability with a quantitative metadata assessment using the FAIR principles.

Time series charts - Discover how FAIR scores change over time through time series charts

Detailed analysis - Drill down into detailed FAIR reports for individual datasets

Representation of FAIR products available to Hosted Repository users. A time series chart of aggregated FAIR metrics over time, and a stack of individual metadata assessment for each dataset. The individual assessment shows 38 metadata checks and an overall score for each of the four FAIR metrics (Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability, and Reusability)

Usage metrics

Access aggregated view and download metrics for datasets

Citation reports

Find out who is citing your data

Repository tools

For users & developers

Open source, user friendly tools for working with DataONE across multiple levels of expertise. DataONE tools and services undergo extensive usability testing to ensure they meet community needs.

Open source repository platform

DataONE hosted repositories represent stand-alone deployments of open source DataONE tools:

Metacat - Metadata & data management server Learn more

MetacatUI - Search and metadata management web client Learn more

Metacat on Github
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Easy data upload user interface

The user friendly data submission tool helps your researchers effortlessly upload data and create metadata to enhance interoperability, reusability, and value of data.

Metadata Editor

Advanced API access

Programmatically work with your repository through the DataONE tools in R, Python, Matlab, and Java.


Comprehensive search

Quickly find data with detailed search filters, or by navigating the interactive map

Any file format

Use the scientific file formats for your community: image, tabular, text, audio, video, and others

Link data and software

Easily show how your files relate to each other by providing well-described provenance workflows.

Includes DataONE Plus

Along with your Hosted Repository, get all of the features that are included with DataONE Plus

DataONE Plus

Enhanced DataONE products and services in support of your research, including branded portals, quality assessment metrics (including the FAIR suite), and much more.

Everything in DataONE Member, and...

  • API access
  • Online portal builder
  • Custom portal search filters
  • Upload any file format
  • Aggregated citations
  • Aggregated FAIR report
  • Aggregated usage metrics
  • Custom content
  • Portal branding
  • In-person training (Discounted prices)
  • Contact support
$47.92 /mo, billed annually

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