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Custom search portals for your science, your data, and related data in the DataONE network.

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Portals from DataONE Plus
Introducing Portals

Showcase your team’s goals & results with
branded portals

Create a custom, branded portal for your research topic or lab group that spans repositories in the DataONE network. Branded portals provide a convenient, readily customized way to communicate your science, your team, your data, and related data from within the DataONE network.

All of your data in one place

Create a catalog of your team’s data that spans the DataONE network

Dataset collection

Set up in minutes

Pick datasets, add and reorder pages, and upload images in minutes with the easy-to-use online portal builder

Screenshot of the portal builder where you can add a portal title, logo, page title, description, and image

Customized search filters

Configure search fields specific to your science topics

Search filters
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Maximize the value of your data

With access to information about the datasets in your portal, you can monitor how your data is being used and assess its quality based on community established scores.

Make your data FAIR

Access aggregate & individual FAIR metadata assessment scores. Improve data discovery, accessibility, interoperability, and reusability with a quantitative metadata assessment using the FAIR principles.

Time series charts - Discover how FAIR scores change over time through time series charts in your DataONE Plus portal

An example line chart with one line for each of the four FAIR metrics (Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability, and Reusability) showing changes in scores per month

Usage metrics

Access aggregated view and download metrics for datasets

Citation reports

Find out who is citing your data

Content & Branding

Customized to match your project

Add custom content & branding

Create personalized pages for your project

Your branding - Customize your portal with the colors, logos, and images that reflect your project

Your content - Your portal pages can include visualizations of your research, a list of your team members, and any other custom content

FAIR metrcis report
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Built with DataONE Plus

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Access to DataONE expertise

Consulting services - Custom design, data curation, and management consulting are available at hourly rates

Discounted training - Take advantage of discounted pricing for data science and data management training courses

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Need more? Add a dedicated hosted repository

Do you need data preservation services in addition to a data portal? DataONE hosted repositories represent stand-alone deployments of open source Metacat repository server and MetacatUI search and metadata management web clients. Trusted by many repositories within the DataONE network, we can deploy this respository infrastructure to meet your communities’ needs.

Hosted Repository

A dedicated repository solution for your group or institution’s data, managed by DataONE. Bring the products of your research lab, field station, or library together in a centralized location for efficient sharing, access, and reuse.

Everything in DataONE Plus, and...

  • Powerful online dataset submission
  • Repository search
  • Access control
  • Expandable storage
  • Geographic replicas
  • Provenance tracking
  • Custom DOI prefix
  • Custom domain name
$1083.34 /mo, billed annually