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DataONE Member

Member services from DataONE are freely accessible and open to the public. Join us as a member repository or become part of the community board.

  • Open source tools
  • API access (Limited)
  • Cross-repository search
  • Metadata harvest, indexing, & audit
  • Dataset citation metrics
  • Per-dataset FAIR report
  • Dataset usage metrics
  • DataONE community participation
  • Education and outreach materials
  • Consulting services (Hourly rate)
  • In-person training (Regular prices)

DataONE Plus

Enhanced DataONE products and services in support of your research, including branded portals, quality assessment metrics (including the FAIR suite), and much more.

Everything in DataONE Member, and...

  • API access
  • Online portal builder
  • Custom portal search filters
  • Upload any file format
  • Aggregated citations
  • Aggregated FAIR report
  • Aggregated usage metrics
  • Custom content
  • Portal branding
  • In-person training (Discounted prices)
  • Contact support (Institutional subscribers only)

Hosted Repository

A dedicated repository solution for your group or institution’s data, managed by DataONE. Bring the products of your research lab, field station, or library together in a centralized location for efficient sharing, access, and reuse.

Everything in DataONE Plus, and...

  • Powerful online dataset submission
  • Repository search
  • Access control
  • Expandable storage
  • Geographic replicas
  • Provenance tracking
  • Custom DOI prefix
  • Custom domain name
  • Contact support

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DataONE Feature
DataONE Member
DataONE Plus Get started
Hosted Repository
dataone tools

Open source tools

API access


Online portal builder

Powerful online dataset submission

data search

Cross-repository search

Custom portal search filters

Repository search

data management

Metadata harvest, indexing, & audit

Upload any file format

Access control

Expandable storage

Geographic replicas

Provenance tracking


Citation reports

Dataset citation metrics

Aggregated citations

FAIR metadata assessments

Per-dataset FAIR report

Aggregated FAIR report

Usage metrics

Dataset usage metrics

Aggregated usage metrics


Custom content

Portal branding

Custom DOI prefix

Custom domain name


DataONE community participation

Education and outreach materials

Consulting services

Hourly rate Hourly rate Hourly rate

In-person training

Regular prices Discounted prices Discounted prices

Contact support

Institutional subscribers only

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