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Search for, use, and share data

Discover data from across an extensive network of data repositories through a simple search at Download accessible data, explore data usage and citation through the metrics display, and easily cite used data with our quick click citation button. We have over 800K datasets from a network of 44 repositories ready to be explored.

Contribute data

DataONE is not a repository. DataONE is a federated network of data repositories exposing their catalogs through a simple integrated infrastructure. To have your data show in a DataONE search, contribute data to one of our Member Repositories which serve a broad range of domains and data types. Is your preferred data repository not listed? Talk to them about joining our repository network.

Add your repository to the network

DataONE unites a network of data repositories operated by research centers, universities, non-profit organizations, citizen science initiatives, government and non-government organizations, and the like. Member repositories share data and infrastructure with DataONE and in return, we facilitate user access to data and interoperability between members. Join the network as a member repository and help lead the open data movement! Becoming a member repository is free and open to all types of organizations.

Join the conversation

As a member of our DataONE Community Group you will have access to early information on DataONE activities, be able to contribute your ideas to our annual Community Meeting and provide input on further directions and activities.

Contribute as a Board Member

Contribute to the community’s leadership in the DataONE program through our Community Board

Get and teach data skills

Learning directly from DataONE experts through in-person and remote training events. These courses are short but intensive introductions that will build your skills in a variety of data science topics, ranging from the basics of programming in a new language to advanced computing techniques, supporting you in working collaboratively and increasing research efficiency.

You can also explore our community Skillbuilding Hub for CC0 licensed material to use in teaching and for self learning.

Participate in open source software development

DataONE welcomes contributions and collaborations with all who are interested in helping the goals of meeting the needs of science and society for open, persistent, robust, and secure access to well-described and easily discovered research data. Our infrastructure is built on top of many open source tools, and we will continue to support that movement as a means of advancing science. Check out our GitHub repositories for ways to contribute.

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There are many ways to connect with DataONE. You can follow us on twitter, reach out to us at, join us on slack or subscribe to our mailing list at the bottom of this page.